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Smokefree Chandigarh Case Study

on Dawson, Dr Rana J Singh - 2009 - - English Chandigarh was the first city in India to become smokefree in 2007. This case study examines the development of the smokefree legislation, preparation for implementation, the role of key partners, issues of enforcement and compliance and lessons learned

Smokefree City Case Studies: a tobacco-free futures action guide

Jon Dawson - 2009 - - English
This resource sets out guidance for conducting comprehensive but concise case studies of smokefree cities that document achievements, provide insight into how cities have taken forward their smokefree agendas, highlight good practice and draw out key lessons.

Smokefree Mexico City Case Study

Jon Dawson, Jonathan Romo, Mirta Molinari, Lara Garrido - 2009 - - English When Mexico DF's Law for the Protection of the Health of Non-Smokers came into effect in April 2008, public spaces and workplaces were required to be smokefree. The case study examines the context, content and development of the Mexico DF smokefree law, the role of campaigns, leadership and key partners, key research enforcement and compliance, the impact of the law and lessons learned.

Tobacco-free Healthcare: a tobacco-free futures action guide

Trish Fraser with Burke Fishburn - 2009 - - English The guide promotes tobacco-free policies in healthcare facilities with the aim of reducing tobacco-related morbidity and mortality among staff, patients and broader communities. The guide would be useful for healthcare facility boards, senior management teams, administrators, health professionals, communication experts and other key stakeholders in developing a tobacco-free healthcare facility policies.

Tobacco-free Educational Campuses: a tobacco-free futures action guide Anne Jones, 2009

Matt Allen, - 2009 - - English The guide outlines how to develop, implement and support a comprehensive tobacco-free campus policy, covering smokefree environments, ending tobacco advertising promotion, sponsorship and sale on campus, and prohibiting partnerships with the tobacco industry. Smokefree campus policies improve the health, productivity and performances of students and staff in educational institutions.

Tobacco Packaging and Labelling: Technical guide

Heather Selin - 2009 - - English The Union's Technical Guide on Tobacco Packaging and Labelling is aimed to help governments implement the most effective packaging and labelling policies possible. It provides step-by-step guidelines for developing graphic health warnings and other packaging measures.

A WHO/The Union Monograph on TB and Tobacco Control

WHO / The Union - 2008 - English This monograph provides guidelines to managers of TB and tobacco control programmes on implementing tobacco control activities as an integral part of TB case management at primary health care facilities